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Global Roll out of Operations Strategy; Development Deployment and Delivery


“Over the last number of years, I have engaged Primecore to support a number of strategically important initiatives for our enterprise. These engagements have varied across a spectrum of efforts including; portfolio and product reviews, specific project support and strategic review of manufacturing operations. The feedback from my team on Primecore is consistent; they deliver high value for money due to their practical and engaged process towards problem definition and solution development. Their team is composed of mature practitioners who have real world experience of managing operations globally, these attributes resonate with our team and creates a true partnership between the client and Primecore. I have no hesitation in recommending the Primecore team.”

Senior Vice President and Head of Global Operations


Company size: 14,000 employees; Valuation $30B 

Industry sector and location:  Biologics US, Europe & Asia

Assignment Duration:  Two years (ongoing relationship)

Client Sponsor: Global Head of Technical Operations; Operations Leadership Team (Strategy, Manufacturing, Development, Capital Management, Finance)

Assignment Objective 

This company came into being as the result of a split from its parent company.  Prior to the split the company operated as a decentralized organization with facilities located within the US, Europe and Asia; each with its own objectives and associated business processes. The desire of the new Head of Technical Operations was to have the various site organizations amalgamated into a single organization operating to one business strategy with centralized leadership and one set of business processes.  The company had ambitious plans in terms of product launch and commercialization and operational cost reduction.


This assignment was effectively made up of a portfolio of assignments each reporting into a function lead within the Technical Operations organization:-

  1. Feasibility study to establish the viability of a European based manufacturing operation supporting the launch of a new vaccine based product into the US market. – Contact: Vaccine Division Franchise Head.
  2. Development of a global operations strategy to underpin all future investment decisions in support of the product portfolio – Contact: Head of Global Manufacturing.
  3. Deployment of the above strategy to its network of manufacturing sites; both in-house and contracted manufacturing – Contact: Head of Global Manufacturing.
  4. Piloting of a governance business process; to be utilized for new product launch – Contact: Head of Product Development.
  5. Development and roll out of standardized business processes to manage the capital portfolio (Strategic and Non-Strategic) and individual capital projects – Contact: Head of Capital Projects.
  6. Design and roll out of a standardized cost accounting process across the network of sites.


  1. The company found that the launching of the product into the US was not feasible for reasons of cost and timing and instead sold the division for $600M.
  2. A set of principles were established and approved underpinning future strategic decisions such as; the use of in-house versus CMO and the locating of future investments.
  3. Each of these sites was given a set of time bound objectives which would then be deployed through their local portfolio management process.
  4. Piloting resulted in the successful launch of two innovative products with unique therapeutic benefit and the decision to adopt the approach for all product launch programs.
  5. Capital investment was fully aligned with the business strategy, the capital spend was significantly reduced and both the capital portfolio and individual capital projects were brought under full control.
  6. Standardized cost accounting was fully rolled out across the network of sites.

Overall outcome: Company has since been taken over by a company of a similar size and Primecore is in the early stages of rolling out the above processes within the larger operation.


The success of the above assignments was the result of building close relationships at many levels with the operations organization.  The overall objective was broken into a series of sub objectives each chartered with its own leadership, scope and timelines.

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“The Primecore staff I have worked with take time to understand the business requirements and tailor the solution to ensure the business outcomes are at the heart of the solution. ”