The Primecore Difference

Our Experienced Industry Professionals Deliver Early Solutions – Not Analysis.

We Understand How To Apply Best Practise Principles To ‘Real World’ Situations

We Specialize In Delivering Strategic Change To The Pharmaceutical Industry

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The Primecore staff I have worked with take time to understand the business requirements and tailor the solution to ensure the business outcomes are at the heart of the solution. ”
“Primecore not only supplied appropriate solutions but also takes time to impart knowledge to our employees”
“Primecore has brought a deep and wide level of understanding and experience to our project and portfolio management processes”
“It was apparent from the onset that Primecore have clear expertise in how to attack problems and manage small projects as well as large ones. They have provided the perfect resources to meet our needs”
”Primecore provided the perfect resources to meet our needs also quickly identified when we needed additional intervention and structure to ensure success. ”
“This team pool of experience and knowledge puts Primecore among the best I have worked with when it comes to delivering value to their client”
“Primecore changed the culture of assessing and approving appropriate projects by ensuring the decisions are made based on the business needs and priorities and availability of resources”