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  • Primecore works with the Chief Operations Officers team to:
    • Translate the Operations strategy into a small set of discrete prioritized goals
    • Objectives are identified to realize and deliver each of the goals
    • The objectives must be verifiable and prioritized based on the level of contribution and importance of the goal they support
    • Objectives along with their timelines are deployed to the regions and their respective sites
  • Each initiative to deliver an objective must be evaluated in terms of benefit, risk and impact to the business
    • Developing strategic business cases
    • Prioritizing business cases based on strategic importance, business benefit, impact to resources, benefit risk and timelines
    • Assigning Leadership to govern each business initiative
  • Chartering Business critical and complex programs
    • Developing high quality charters which establish the business objective, scope, verifiable success criteria, milestones and risk
    • Charter approval and governance by the program leadership
  • Utilizing Strategic Portfolio Management to optimize leadership and capital key technical resources
    • Global
    • Regional
    • Local (In house or contract)

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